Textile Products Pudineh Baft Export

    After many years of experience in exporting textile products, Pudineh Baft continues exporting its products to many countries around the world and as a pioneer in the textile industry of this country we shall be honored to present our best services and most competitive prices upon your request for the following products:

    Knitted fabrics, jacquard polyester lace curtains, lace table clothes and bedspreads, nylon nettings, woven printed bed spreads, nylon mosquito nettings, Raschel laces, single jersey and double jersey knitted fabrics plain and printed, etc.

Raw Materials and Machinery Pudineh Baft Imports

    Following its efforts to achieve the gole of presenting the products of superior quality Pudineh Baft imports the following raw materials:

Yarn: POY-FOY-DTY-Polyamide
Dyestuff : polyamide - reactive - disperse - pigment- printing paste
Auxilaries : alginate - softener- optical brightener - thickener agent-binder engraving chemicals-hydrogen preoxide 35%
Textile machinery : Stenter M/C, dying M/C, Rayising M/C, shearing M/C, warping M/C, texturing M/C, Knitting M/C such as circular knitting M/C, rashel jaquard M/C, warp knitting M/C and all different kinds of textile M/C.